How to enter South Gemini Island in Tower of Fantasy

This guide shows how to enter South Gemini Island in the Artificial Island area of Tower of Fantasy, which is released on 15th September 2022.

Step 1

You need to collect three Black Nucleus from three different Big Ships. The location of the three Big ships is marked below. 

Head to these marked locations and 3 fireflies from nearby small ships.

Next, go to the big ship in middle and turn on three lights using fireflies that you have collected earlier. 

This will make Black Nucleus appear. Do the same at two other ship locations.

Step 2

Next, collect Institute Key Card. Read this article on how to get Institute Key Card

Step 3

Buy Fine Gift and choose a Tool Set from it.

Step 4

Head to the eastern part of the island to find a Tent and repair the instrument inside it. The location of the tent is marked on the map.

Step 5

Next, go to the transmission device near the tent and activate it using Institute Key Card. Use the activated transmission device to get transported to North Gemini island.

Step 6

Climb up to the top of the Bigger island. Use the transmission device at North Gemini Island to get transport to South Gemini island.

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