How to Enter the Bloodhouse in Chapter 10 – Below the Eden (Lust from Beyond)

Lust from Beyond: How to Enter the BloodHouse in Chapter 10

This walkthrough of the game “Lust from Beyond” will show you how to Find get into Bloodhouse in Chapter 10 – Below the Eden.

Objective: Find Lily

– Get to the Bloodhouse: Victor needs to collect two rubies to open the Bloodhouse.

  1. For the first ruby: Go down using the stairs near the “Hall of Whispers”. Down you will find Danny (receptionist) with a corpse. Ruby is in the adjacent room.

2. For the second ruby:

  •  Go to the corridor opposite the “Hall of Whispers” and enter the last room.
  • Slide the curtain of the left wall to reveal a locked hidden cabinet.
  • Take the diagram from the table drawer.
  • Use the diagram on the hidden cabinet.
  • Rearrange the leaves of the cabinet to form a pattern that matches the diagram. (Select any two leaves and press the central button to swap the position of the two leaves).
  • Once the cabinet unlocks, open it and collect the ruby.

Use both rubies to unlock the Bloodhouse door.

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