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Honey is used to prepare Mead Base Recipes. Honey is produced in Beehives. Instead of searching for, honey every time we can build our Beehives. We need Queen Bee to craft our very own Beehive.

Where to Find Honey and Queen Bee?

  • Honey and Queen Bee are found in abandoned buildings and homes.
  • To collect Honey & Queen Bee, use a bow & arrow to destroy the beehive.
  • Once you’ve destroyed the Beehive, it will drop a Queen Bee, Honey, and other additional items

How to make Honey using Beehives?

  • To craft a Beehive you need a Queen Bee and Woods. Beehives can be built near the base. Beehive crafting materials:
    • 10x Wood
    • 1x Queen Bee
  • Once Beehive is created it automatically produce Honey at regular interval. Collected Honey is used to create Mead base items.

For more information, check out our youtube guide

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