How To Find And Kill The Seed: AC Valhalla | Children of Danu

The Seed’s Location | Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Wrath of the Druids DLC

This walkthrough will show you how to find and kill the Seed in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Wrath of the Druids DLC.

The Seed can be found in Dunseverick Fortress during the quest ‘the wages of war’ in Ulster region. The wages of War is the 15th quest of the DLC. NOTE: You won’t find him in Dunseverick Fortress if you’re hunting the Children of Danu before the quest.

STEP 1: Find the 2nd Clue (You’ll automatically get the 1st clue during the quest)

The second clue is in Movilla Abbey. Movilla Abbey is a monastery located in Ulster‘s east coast. The Clue is inside the main church (the main building with long benches and altar). Read the note kept on the middle bench on the left side.

STEP 2: Find the 3rd Clue

For the Seed’s third clue you need to find and kill the Deer (another member of the Children of Danu).

The Deer’s Clue: Clue about The Deer’s location is in ARDMEL trading post (north-east part of the Ulster region). The note can be found kept above a wooden barrel near the docks just outside the Ardmel trading post.

Kill the Deer: Once you get both the clues, the Deer’s identity and location will be revealed. Open the Children of Danu menu and track his location. The Deer will be roaming near the docks in the enemy camp in Inch Lough Neagh (north-west side of the Benn Uava fast travel point). You’ll automatically get the Seed’s third and final clue after assassinating the Deer.

STEP 3: Kill the Seed

Now, the Seed’s identity has been revealed. Open the Children of Danu menu and mark the target to track his location. The Seed is in the Dunseverick Fortress (in the north-east corner of Ulster).

There is no need to enter the Dunseverick Fortress through the main gate if you want to be sneaky. There is a cart near the wall on the left side, just outside the main gate. Run up the cart and jump on the wooden bars projecting outside from the fortress wall. You can use this route to get to an open window on the North side of the Dunseverick Fortress. Get inside from the open window into the room where you’ll find the Seed (training with a guard). Assassinate the Seed and flee through the window.

Check out our video guide for a better understanding

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