Screetch the Foreman Location | The Goblin Valley | Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance

Defeat Screetch the Foreman (optional objective)- Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance

This guide will show you where to ‘Find Screetch the Foreman’ in The Goblin’s Shard Act 1( The Goblin Valley) in Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance game. Screetch the foreman is somewhere hidden in the Goblin Valley and is required for an optional side mission. There is also a secret attribute point to find at this place.

At the very end of the Goblin’s Shard Act 1 you will reach the giant wooden gate to the goblin fort where you plant four explosive barrels. To reach Screetch the Foreman location, you have to backtrack toward the area “Blocked Door”.

Follow the linear path along the main trail from the gate of goblin fort. Continue walking down the corridor on the right you will find the portal to the accident site, that you have to avoid. Keep going straight along the corridor. At the end of the corridor, you will see large stairs that go to the area Blocked Door, and on the left are few wooden barrels.

Wooden barrels are acting as barricades are obstructing the secret path. Behind the wooden barrel, there is a hidden path. To advance, smash the wooden barrels and pursue the secret pathway.

After crossing the barrel, drop down to the lower level. Here you will also find a ‘Goblins Supplies’. Goblins Supplies are actually a cart with few wooden barrels. This Goblins supply also needs to be collected in order to complete the second optional objective in the game.

You will also find a portal at the edge of the secret path. To visit a new area, you must first traverse a portal. Screetch the Foreman will be waiting for you once you reach the new region.

Defeat Screetch the Foreman to obtain one epic chestguard. This will also complete the optional objective. Interact with the nearby altar to get one additional attribute point.

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance released June 22 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Windows PC. 

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