How to Find the Missing Pages: Jackdaw’s Rest | Hogwarts Legacy

How to Find the Missing Pages

This guide shows how to complete the Find the Missing Pages objective for Jackdaw’s Rest quest in the Hogwarts Legacy game, which released on 10th February 2023. You must first learn the Expelliarmus spell by completing Professor Hecat’s Assignment 2 to be able to do this objective.

The objective starts as you enter Jackdaw’s Tomb. As you proceed, you will reach a locked door. Hit the three plates around the locked door as shown in the picture below to unlock it.

Proceed ahead and destroy the spider web on the path. Then you will reach a fork in the path. Defeat the spiders there, then go downhill in the left direction. The path will take you to another locked door, where you will have to hit the three plates nearby. One of the plates is hidden far behind the rocks as shown in the picture below. Hit the plates to unlock the door.

Go through the door and proceed in the cave until you reach a floating platform as shown in the picture below. Use Accio spell to pull the platform towards you. Hop on the platform and use Accio on the platform straight ahead (Marked as 2 in the picture below). This will take you to the other side.

Hop off the floating platform and take the path going left until you reach another blocked path. Defeat the spiders there and hit the three plates as shown in the picture below. This will clear the path. Continue through the bridge ahead. Then pick up the Missing Pages from the ground to complete the objective.

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