How to Find Three Golden Hands in the Bloodhouse in Chapter 10 – Lust from Beyond

This walkthrough of the game “Lust from Beyond” will show you How to Find three Golden Hands inside the BloodHouse of Chapter 10 – Below the Eden.

How to Search Three Golden Hand in Lust from Beyond

For explanation purposes, we have divided the Bloodhouse into three different regions. Area1 (Big open area with bodies hanging above), Area2 (Building in front of Area1 in which you enter through grilled-iron gate), and Area3 (Area where the tall lady is roaming).

  • Go to the control room of Area2 and collect the key (open two doors with bones-symbol) and note.
  • Go to Area3 and use the key to open the door (with the bones-symbol). Collect the human hand from the heap of corpses. 
  • Return to Area2 and collect the Golden Hand (Note: The gate will close as you pick the golden hand). Place the human hand over the pedestal to open the gate.
  • Go to the top balcony of Area1 and use the key to open the door (with the bones-symbol). Enter the room and move the Shelf to clear the passage. Jump on the platform below and take the lever from the corpse. Use the lever to operate the pulley and bring the hanging corpse down. Collect the Golden Hand from the corpse’s mouth.
  • Go to the central platform of Area1. There are two open cages (iron maidens) with smiley drawn above them. Slam the left cage twice, the right cage once, and the left cage twice to get the Golden Hand (This HINT is in the note you collected from the control room of Area2).

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