How to unlock a flying mount in Hogwarts Legacy

This article will guide you on How to get a flying mount in Hogwarts Legacy. To get a flying mount you need to finish the main quest “The High Keep ” in the game Hogwarts Legacy. In this quest, you have to infiltrate Falbarton Castle in search of a letter that could expose Rookwood and Harlow’s evil schemes.

Requirement: Must complete Professor Garlick’s Assignment 1

Starting Location: The High Keep

To initiate the quest you need to meet with Natty at Falbarton Castle in the Highlands. I have marked the location on the below map.

Meet Natty Near Falbarton Castle

Talk to Natty outside the Falbarton Castle, she will inform you that her investigation into Harlow has yielded results. There is a letter inside Falbarton Castle that can reveal the relationship between Rookwood and Harlow.

Climb the Battlements

After the conversation is over, head to the side path on the right to climb up the battlements.

Once you climb up to the first level of the settlement, hit the mechanism on the left with Depulso to open the grill gate.

Then use Wingardium Leviosa to drag the crate out and take it over to the wall you want to climb up.

Next, cast Levioso on the box to make it float in the air, then quickly climb on top and climb again to reach the ledge.

Enter the Gatehouse

Once you’re up, blast the wooden barricade to free a crawlspace. This crawlspace is still blocked by a box.

So, go around the building and look through a window. From the window use Wingardium Leviosa on the box move it and clear the crawlspace. Finally, you can enter the gatehouse.

Open the Main Gate

Inside the gatehouse hit the gate mechanism multiple times with Depulso to open the gate.

Then quickly use Accio on the handle to block the gate from fully closing.

Follow Natty

Natty will join you after the main gate is open. Walk with her up to the gate to witness a cutscene 

Get to the Roof

After the cutscenes climb up a wooden scaffolding on the right and then the wall.

Use Depulso through the broken window on the box to push it off the ledge.

Go downstairs. Use Wingardium Leviosa to place the box at the bottom of the broken staircase and Levioso to lift it up. Climb the box and jump to the ledge.

Go up the stairs and defeat all Poachers. Unlock the door with Alohomora. Refer to the below link on how to open the lock.

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Continue up the stairs and ladder, defeat the enemies, then unlock a second door for Alohomora.

Just keep following the path and taking out the bad guys in your way. Continue up the stairs until you unlock a cutscene with Highwing.

Follow Natty on Highwing

After the cutscene follows Natty on Highwing.

The High Keep quest unlocks Highwing as a flying mount. After you’ve escaped Falbarton Castle, you can use Highwing as a mount at any point.

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