How to Get a Mask & Clothes in Chapter 9 – Kidnapped (Lust from Beyond)

This walkthrough of the game “Lust from Beyond” will show you how to Find Dr. Austerlitz’s phone number and how to get a mask and Clothes in Chapter 9 – Kidnapped.

Objective: Make preparations for rescuing Lily 

  • Get a mask of a member of the Scarlet Lodge
    • Talk to the Shackley Brothers (second floor).
    • Hand over the herbs (you took from Mabel’s room). In return they’ll give you their room’s key.
    • Go to the Room of Shackley brothers (on the third floor).
    • Use code ‘1971’ to unlock the chest and get the mask.
    • 1971 is the year their mother was born. You’ll get this HINT from the letter on the bedside table.
  • Get clothes of a member of the Scarlet Lodge
    • Go to Sabinian’s Room (next to Amanda’s room on the third floor) and take the clothes from the Closet.

Objective: Get Mabel’s herbs (optional)

    • Mabel’s room is on the second floor
    • There is a box (containing tarot cards) on the dressing table in her room.
    • The key is underneath the tarot cards. Take out all cards to get the key.
    • Use the key to open the chest (in the opposite corner of the room) and take the herbs.

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