Old Rod, Good Rod & Super Rod Locations: Pokemon BDSP | Fishing Guide

A player can unlock fishing to catch rare Pokemon in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. This guide will showcase how to get an Old fishing rod and a few other rods in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Where to get Old Rod

Early on in the game players will reach a large area called Jubilife City. Jubilife City is accessible even before your first Gym Battle!. When players head out the west exit of Jubillife City towards Route 218, they will have to go through a small security building with two NPCs inside it. The Player needs to speak with the fishermen (inside the same security building) to obtain the Old Rod. This Old Rod can easily find a bunch of common Water-types of the Sinnoh region like Magikarp only. 

Fishing Mechanism

Fishing is a pretty simple mechanic. Trainers simply have to walk up to an edge of the water and tap ‘A’ button to cast their line, before tapping it again once an exclamation mark pops up.

Where to get Good Rod

The Good Fishing Rod can be unlocked after reaching Hearthome City. Hereafter defeating the Gym, take the east exit and head to Route 209.

While advancing through the game in Hearthome City, you will notice several wooden piers. On one of the wooden piers, you will find another Fisherman who has cast his line into the river. Talk to the Fisherman and after a quick conversation, he will reward you with the Good Rod

Where to get Super Rod

Super Rod can only be unlocked after beating the Elite 4 only. The final Fisherman (NPC) can be found in the Fight Area, outside the north tunnel. you will find this located on the northeast area of the map. Using the rod you can catch Gyrados and Seaking.

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