How To Get Fine Wood in Valheim

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You get Fine Wood by cutting down White Birch Trees which can be easily found in all the Biomes.

To be able to cut Birch Tree you will need to craft a Bronze Axe.

You will be able to craft Bronze Axe after killing the first boss ‘Eikthyr’ and travelling to the Black Forest.

How To Craft Bronze Axe

Crafting Bronze Axe Requires a Forge and Following Items:

  • 4 Wood
  • 8 Bronze
  • 2 Leather Scraps

Construct Forge Using the following Items:

  • 4 Stone
  • 4 Coal
  • 10 Wood
  • 6 Copper

Once you have the Forge, use copper and tin to craft Bronze and unlock all Bronze related blueprints.

  • You will find copper deposits in the Black Forest
  • You will Find Tin Deposits on the shores of Black Forest
  • To mine Tin Ore and Copper Ore from the deposits you will need to craft an Antler Pickaxe, whose recipe will be unlocked after defeating the first boss ‘Eikthyr’.
  • Use Smelter to get Tin & Copper from their ores
  • To craft smelter you will need Surtling core, which could be found in the Burial Chambers in the Black Forest.
  • You will need to feed ores and coal into the smelter to get refined minerals.
  • Construct a Charcoal Kiln to get coal

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