How to get Fuse in Dead Island 2

In this article, we’ll guide you on how to get Fuse in Dead Island 2. Brock’s Safe Key is required to unlock Brock’s Safe. In order to access hidden stockpiles of weapons and resources that can aid your escape from Hell-A, you must acquire specific items called fuses.

Where to get fuses in Dead Island 2

Fuses cannot be found through exploration on the map like batteries or circuit breakers. The only way to acquire these electrical components is by purchasing them. To get Dead Island 2 fuses, you’ll need to buy them from traders found at most safe zones throughout the game.

After arriving at Emma’s mansion and participating in the main story quest to defend it against the attacking zombies, you can obtain fuses in Dead Island 2 from Carlos the trader.

When you meet Sam, who introduces you to the game’s weapon crafting system, you can speak to Carlos and purchase various items with cash, including fuses. Each fuse costs $1,500, and the sellers usually only hold a few at a time. If the fuses are out of stock, you can later return to Carlos later when he replenished his inventory.

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