How to get ‘Lust for Life’ Achievement in Lust from Beyond?

How to get ‘Lust for Life’ Achievement: Lust from Beyond

Requirement: Spare or save every character important to the story whenever you have the choice.

    • Spare Dr. Austerlitz in Chapter 11
    •  Spare Jonathan in Chapter 12
    • Save Mabel in Chapter 15
    • Spare Mutated Amanda (agree to sleep with her) in Chapter 15

NOTE: The achievement will unlock after the epilogue.

How to Save Mabel:

    • After talking to Mabel, get back to Theodore (in the ritual hall) for help.
    •  ‘Use a Threat’ to make him help. He’ll give you the key to his study.
    • Go to his study (third floor) and get the bottle with a symbol of the sun.
    • Hand over the bottle to Theodore. He’ll be standing next to Mabel.
    • This will complete the optional objective ‘Save Mabel’.

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