STRAY: How To Get Super Spirit Detergent

  • Post published:July 23, 2022
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This guide explains how to obtain the Super Spirit Detergent in the game of STRAY (2022). Follow the instructions in the article below to get a Super Spirit Detergent.

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How to find Super Spirit detergent

You can find the Super Spirit detergent in the Super Spirit laundromat. The laundromat shop has a bright red neon sign at its door, but you cannot directly enter inside. Below is the Super Spirit laundromat building location, while standing at the intersection.

Use the air-conditioning units around the corner to make your way onto the roof. On the roof you will find two robots – Vapora and Mito – throwing paint buckets from one roof to another. Time the Meow to interrupt them mid-throw and cause them to drop the paint.

Next, go down to find Kosma cleaning up the spilled paint at the laundromat’s entrance. Slip past Kosma and through the open doorway into Super Spirit laundromat.

The Super Spirit detergent is on top of the table to the immediate left of the door beside a window. 

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