How to Get the Elevated Prismatic Key & Facet of Grace in Destiny 2

  • Post published:June 9, 2024
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This article will guide you on how to unlock the Facet of Grace in Destiny 2. The Grace facet is one facet used to unlock the Prismatic subclass in Destiny 2. 

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To get the Facet of Grace, start at the Lost City landing zone and make your way to Micah’s Conduit Console.

Head right and drop down to the bottom to reach an open area with a giant statue and two elevated platforms. (Red and Orange Color)

Stick to the right and go past the blue-colored building. Continue straight until you find a grey building with a patch of grass outside.

Inside this building, you’ll find a prismatic chest.

To unlock the chest, you need the Elevated Prismatic Key, which you can get by defeating three elite, yellow-bar enemies in the area and a tormentor.

First Enemy Location

The first omen, Gordian Weaver, will spawn near the chest and will have a yellow bar over its head.

Second Enemy Location

Go back the way you came to the giant statue area and head to the left. There, you will find a swarm of flying enemies along with another Gordian Weaver.

Third Enemy Location

Return to the giant statue and go to the area behind the red platform. Defeat the flying enemies and the final Gordian Weaver.

Kill the Tormentor

Return to the area with the giant statue where you’ll encounter two mini-bosses and an immune-shielded Tormentor. Defeat the mini-bosses first to remove the Tormentor’s shield. Eliminate the Tormentor to acquire the Chest key.

Return to the chest to claim the Facet of Grace.

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