How To Get The Mask of Ughro’ecna in Chapter 14: Lust From Beyond

Lust from Beyond: How to Get The Mask of Ughro’ecna?

Keep going through the tunnel until you reach an open area. Take the stairs on the left to reach a circular gate. Use the diagram from the inventory on the gate. To unlock the gate rotate the panels on the gate to form an image similar to the diagram. 

Continue walking forward until you reach a big hall with a few enthralls roaming around. The Mask of Ughro’ecna is at the top of this hall. To reach the mask you need to inflate three shrunken bridges (by feeding three sporangias).

Bridge 1:

Sporangia is in the left tunnel after the ramp. Shoot at the red circular hanging balls on the roof to make enthralled corrupt. Lure and kill it near sporangia to built the first bridge. Also, collect the Gem from the nearby pedestal (you will need this gem later on).

Bridge 2:

Cross Bridge 1 to collect a disc. Use this disc to open a gate in the hall. Enter inside the gate and climb the stairs on the right side. This will lead you to a cage-like structure. Collect a crystal item kept behind this structure.

Enter into the same tunnel (where the first Sporangia was present ) and use this crystal item to unlock the gate. Lure another corrupted enthralled inside and kill it in front of Sporangia to make the second bridge. Also, collect the second Gem from this area.

Bridge 3: 

Take the left tunnel after crossing Bridge 1 & Bridge 2 and continue walking. When the tunnel ends, jump down into a new area. Here you will find the third Gem.  To get out of this area, direct the essence onto the crystal and make a bridge.

[Side story: Against Extremity Near the third gem, you will find a shrunken bridge and sporangia. Lure a corrupted enthralled via the bridge to feed sporangia. Cross the newly inflated bridge to unlock the side story.]

Now go back upstairs to the cage-like structure and place all three gems. This will create an opening in the ground. 

Now come back to the main area and climb the ladder opposite the ramp. Shoot the red ball hanging above the enthralled (through the opening you just created using the three gems). Lure and kill the corrupted enthralled in front of the sporangia to make the third bridge.

Cross Bridge 1, Bridge 2 & Bridge 3 to collect Mask of Ughro’ecna

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