How to get the Pumpkin in Wacky Wizards

The Wacky Wizards Halloween introduces the 2021 Pumpkin. In this new update of the game, we are given the Pumpkin to obtain! You can visit The Scare Board in the center of the cauldron area and speak with the Headless Horse to learn how things work. To acquire the new Pumpkin Ingredient, you will need to pay 1,800 Candy.

If you’re hoping to find out how exactly you get this new ingredient, we will walk you through the exact steps you need to take to get it! Interact with the Headless Horse in the center of the cauldron area, to learn three different ways to collect candies. The Halloween event will end on the 3rd of November.

Hidden Candies

These are candies hidden around the map. Hidden candies look like big candy corn and are sparkling. Once you have collected them from a spot, they will respawn again eventually after a short time. If you don’t see them in your game, you should leave and try another one.

Trick or Treating (Scaring NPCs)

Each day you can scare different characters/NPCs in the game. Scaring NPCs can be done once a day and will award you 20 pieces of candy per scare! To scare an NPC, you can simply create the potion corresponding to their fear on the fear board, approach them with the potion in hand, and drink it in front of them. 

There’s a board behind the Headed Horseman with the name of an NPC and the required potion you need to scare them. Detailed below is each NPC and their associated fear/potion:

  • Goblins – Noodle potion (Pool Noodle)
  • Jandel & Foryxe – Squirting potion (Rotten Sandwich)
  • Oz the Wizard – Spider Pet potion (Spider + Pet Tags)
  • Witches – Flounder potion (Fish)
  • Dumpster Diver Dan – Alien potion (Alien Parasite)
Goblins – Noodle potion (Pool Noodle)
Jandel & Foryxe – Squirting potion (Rotten Sandwich)

The Potion Trader

During the event, the Potion Trader will appear randomly in the game. He will have potions listed on a board near him for you to bring to him to get Candy. You will get 10 for each potion you complete. If you see him, be sure to speak with him and create whatever potion he asks for in exchange for a few extra candies!

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