How to get the shovel in Sons of the Forest

This article will show you where to get a Shovel in the game Sons of the Forest, released on 23 February 2023. A Shovel is an important tool in the game that can be utilized to dig up many cool things scattered over the map in the game.

How to get the Shovel

You can find the shovel in the game’s intricate cave system. To find the Shovel, you first need to get the following items:

  • Rebreather
  • Air Tank
  • Rope Gun

Once you have the required item, go to the cave west of the snowy mountains. The cave is located on the bank of a stream with three dead bodies outside of the entrance. The cave’s location is shown on the map below.

Enter the cave, walk a little bit, and then use the Rope Gun to ride the zipline above the drop in front of you.

After landing on the other side, look to the left to find a body of water. Now, equip your rebreather, dive into the water, and follow the underwater tunnel.

Exit the underground water tunnel. Defeat all 5 Cave Cannibals. Continue forward until you reach a point in the cave with an incline path. Slide down to land in a pool of water.

Exit the water on the right side to reach the cave floor.

Proceed into the next tunnel system until you reach a bigger chamber with two corpses. Keep to the right side of the tunnel to locate another opening that leads to another big cavern.

Continue down the tunnel until you reach the third submerged section of the cave. Swim through the underwater tube until you reach the other end.

Go forward to locate a corpse with a shovel on its lap.

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