Find the Twing-Twangs: How to Get all five Guitars location in Biomutant

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where to located all 5 Twing-Twangs in Biomutant

Twing-Twangs is one of the old-world gadgets in Biomutant that you’ll come across on your journey. Like most of the puzzles in Biomutant, these require you to turn nodes of guitar until you match up the colors. Match your nodes up with the colors below them. There are five of these guitars and five puzzles. A complete puzzle solution image is provided below. Here is a quick location guide for all five Twing-Twangs

    • Leftovers 6E – Defeat all enemies present in the area and then head into the large building to find the guitar sitting inside.
    • This will start the quest. These puzzles ask you to tune guitar nodes by matching up the colored symbols. Match nodes up with the colors below them. 

    • Leftovers 4H – This area is located northeast of Rokoblok Outpost. The area is heavily guarded, so you have to first defeat all enemies. Head into the large destroyed building to find the guitar resting on a wall.
    • Fixer-Upper 6L – Found just to the southeast of H-Two-Outpost out in the Mishimush biome. Just go into the house to find the Guitar lying near wooden barrels.
    • Leftovers 11F – This location is just to the east of Molyhole Outpost. Walk into the house to locate the guitar near the sofa set and complete the rotation puzzle.
    • Fixer-Upper 10E – It is located south of Molyhole Outpost. Kill all the enemies before solving the puzzle. The guitar is resting on a table inside the house.

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