Valheim: How to Get Pickaxe to Mine Copper and Tin

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A pickaxe is used to mine ores and clear big rocks. It is also used to flat the terrain or leveling any ground. The first pickaxe you get in Valheim is “Antler pickaxe“. 

How to make the Valheim Pickaxe

Pickaxe’s blueprint is unlocked after defeating Eikthyr in the boss fight. “Antler pickaxe” is the first pickaxe available in valheim. Crafting material required for “Antler pickaxe” are:

    • 10 x Wood
    • 1 x Hard Antler

You can craft the first pickaxe once you have the above items available.

Material required to make Pickaxe
Hard Antler is obtain after defeating first boss

How to mine Copper and Tin

Antler pickaxe can be used to mine Copper and Tin.

The copper deposit can be found in the Black Forset. Break the rock to mine copper.

Similarly, Tin deposits can be found on the shores of the Black Forest.

Cooper mining in Valheim
Tin mining in Valheim

Here is the step-by-step video guide to craft your first Pickaxe

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