How to Get Water in Sons Of The Forest

In Sons Of The Forest, it’s crucial to monitor your physical condition, including your stamina, fatigue, appetite, and hydration. Ensuring that you’re well-nourished and hydrated is vital to your survival in Sons of the Forest, and drinking plenty of water is the most effective approach to fulfill this responsibility. This walkthrough will guide you on how to get water in the game Sons Of The Forest.

How to get water in Sons Of The Forest

It’s important to note that only freshwater sources like rivers should be used for drinking. Avoid attempting to drink saltwater from the coast. To obtain water in Sons of the Forest, the simplest method is to search for a nearby body of water, such as a pond, stream, or river. To locate a fresh water source in Sons of the Forest, you can access your GPS tracker and identify the closest river or stream.

After reaching the river, locate a shallow area and step into the water. Then, crouch down close to the edge and press the interact button to drink water from the river.

Alternatively, Yarrow flowers can also help quench thirst, while salmonberries and blueberries can provide a similar but weaker effect.

Once you have established a base on the island in Sons of the Forest, you can construct a water collector using a turtle shell harvested from larger sea turtles. After crafting the water collector, you can position it on the ground, and it will commence collecting rainwater.

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