How to get water in The Sinkholes | God of War Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok: How to flood The Sinkholes

Getting water into the sinkholes is required to complete many side quests. To flood the sinkholes, you need to complete the Return of the River favor.

How to start the Return of the River Favor

The quest starts automatically as you approach the dam in The Jungle. Click here to see how to reach the jungle. From the jungle entrance gateway, jump down the wall from the west side. Then turn left and go to the end of the path. Now climb up the wall on the right side to reach the dam as shown in the second picture below.

Ascend the dam

As the quest starts, go towards the dam wall. As you reach the wall, turn left and proceed straight ahead. Here you will find the elevator on the right side as shown in the picture below. The elevator will be blocked by some red vines. Burn the vines using your sigil arrows and blade. Then take the elevator to the top.

As you reach the top of the dam, on the right wall you will see a glowing crack as shown in the picture below. Hit the crack with your spear and then detonate it. This will create a narrow gap in the wall. Squeeze through the wall to go to the other side. This will complete the objective.

Flood the crater

To flood the crater, you will have to raise the dam gates, for which you will need to burn the vines on the wall. Burning the left vine is very easy. Simply shoot it with sigil arrows and hit one of the arrows with your blade to cause an explosion, which will burn the vines.

To burn the right vines, shoot sigil arrows at the spot shown in the picture below. Shoot multiple arrows at the spot to increase the impact area, such that the red vines also come inside the area of impact. Then shoot a few sigil arrows at the spot shown in the second picture below. This way the impact area of both arrows overlaps. Now hit the arrow with your blade. This will cause an explosion. The explosion will cause a chain reaction and burn the red vines on the right side.

Now, you can simply interact with the wooden crank and open the dam gates. This will flood the crater. Now squeeze through the narrow gap in the wall to go to the other side. This will complete the quest.

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