How To Get Yanma & Yanmega | Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Teal Mask DLC

This article will guide you on how to get Yanma and Yanmega in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Teal Mask DLC, which was released on 12 September 2023.

Yanma is a flying-bug type Pokemon and it evolves into Yanmega. Yanma can be found in grassy and rocky areas, with them appearing in both the northern and southern tips of Kitakami, as well as the center of the region and southwestern tip.

One of the locations where you can encounter Yanma early in the game is around the main road on Apple Hills.

How to evolve Yanma into Yanmega

To facilitate Yanma’s evolution into Yanmega, it must gain a level while it knows the move Ancient Power. Normally, Yanma acquires Ancient Power at level 34.

Regrettably, Ancient Power cannot be obtained as a craftable TM in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Therefore, if you encounter a Yanma that is above level 33 and does not possess Ancient Power, you’ll need to locate another Yanma that meets the criteria.

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