How to guide Guoba and Yuegui to obtain the Fowl together Stage 5 | Genshin Impact

This article will show you how to Guide Guoba and Yuegui to obtain the Fowl together in the Paper Shadows A-Foraging stage 5 for Genshin Impact’s Lantern Rite 2024.

Guide Guoba and Yuegui to obtain the Fowl together 

In the fifth stage of Paper Shadows A-Foraging, you must assist Guoba and Yuegui in obtaining the Fowl. Guoba has seven steps and Yuegui has sex steps to reach the fowl.

Step 1

Make the Guoba to push the crate above to get the blue key.

Step 2

Next, instruct the Yuegui to push the crate all the way down and then to the right, as seen in the image.

Step 3

Now make the Guoba go back to the starting point and then push the crate below to retrieve the red key. Refer to the image below.

Step 4

Return Yuegui to the starting cart. Push the crate up.

Return to the starting cart. Then go up and push the container to the left until you find the green key.

Step 5

Finally, move Guoba and Yuegui to collect the fowl.

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