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This article will guide you on How to Hide, Smuggle, and sell Contrabands in Starfield. Contraband refers to unauthorized goods, typically marked with a yellow label. When you find yourself low on credits, you have the option to sell Contraband to a trader.

When you approach the vicinity of major settled systems, local security authorities will conduct a scan of your ship as you enter to detect any contraband. The sole method to conceal it is by having shielded cargo.

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Where to Sell Contrabands

Once players have safely arrived on the planet, they can visit a Trade Authority kiosk. To sell their items, players must locate and talk with a human agent of the Trade Authority.

Opt for the ‘sell’ choice, and subsequently, pick the contraband item.

Where to Sell Contrabands Without getting Scanned

The most convenient and optimal location for trading contraband is The Den, a space station situated within The Wolf system. This system is positioned slightly to the east of Sol and northeast of Alpha Centauri. Remarkably, upon arrival at The Den, you won’t undergo any scanning procedures.

This particular vendor affiliated with the Trade Authority boasts a balance of 11,000 credits

Where to Buy Shielded Cargo

Proceed to the Kryx Star System, and from there, make your way to THE KEY Spacestation.

Enter The Key and proceed to the Ship Service area to have a conversation with a woman named Jazz. Select ‘I’d like to view and modify my ships‘ and enter ship-building mode.

How to Install Shielded Cargo

You have the check to review your current shielded capacity through the ship overview menu.

Navigate to the “Ship Builder” menu and then browse through the categories until you locate the Cargo section, where you can find a Shielded Cargo Hold.

If there isn’t an available slot for your cargo hold, you’ll need to remove the current Cargo Hold.

Navigate to the “Add” option and then browse through the categories until you locate the Cargo section, where you can find a Shielded Cargo Hold.

How to Hide Contrabands

Finally, go to your ship and add the contraband to the cargo.

Shielded Cargo Holds merely lower the likelihood of scanners detecting the Contraband. It doesn’t provide absolute certainty. For instance, if your shielded cargo capacity is 280, and your Contraband has a mass of only 10.00, the chances of detection are significantly reduced. Conversely, if your shielded cargo capacity is 280 and the cumulative mass of Contraband on your ship approaches 280, the risk of detection increases.

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