How To Hijack Tanks in Far Cry 6

  • Post published:October 10, 2021
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This article will guide you on How to steal or hijack an Enemy Tank in Far Cry 6. These tanks can be used to eliminate soldiers and complete various missions. There are two ways by which you can get a tank in Far Cry 6 that is either by stealing or by hijacking a tank.

Stealing an unused tank

You can steal a parked tank is very easy as you don’t need any special equipment for this task. One of the parked and unused tanks is in the FND Tank Depot of Isla Santuario Island in the Vencejo region, which you visit during the operation Fuel the Revolution. You can also get to this location directly. Just sneak towards any of the tanks. Climb up to its roof and open the hatch. Interacting with it will complete the theft.

Hijack Enemy Tanks

In order to hijack a tank, you need an EMP. EMP charges (electromagnetic impulses) are very helpful in stealing a tank. You have two main options. The first is to purchase an EMP gadget, such as e.g. the EMP grenades, and take it with you (put them in one of the active slots of your current supremo). The second method is to get the El Impulso supremo, whose special attack is to release a strong electromagnetic impulse. 

Once you have the EMP grenade, all you have to do is aim it at an enemy tank. For a few seconds, the tank will be completely disabled. After you’ve disabled the tank, you can approach without fear of being run over or blown by enemy fire. Climb to the tank’s roof and proceed to the hatch. When you get to the hatch, you’ll be given two options. You have the option of destroying or hijacking the tank.

  • If you choose to hijack the tank, you will instead take control of the tank. This will make Dani pull the driver out and stab them.
  • If you select destroy the tank. You catch the fleeing driver, steal a grenade from him and toss it inside. Here You need to get out of the way before it explodes. 

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