How to Learn Elvish (Find Woodland Wordsmith Specialization) | Dragon’s Dogma 2

This article will guide you on how to learn and understand the Elvish language in Dragon’s Dogma 2. When you reach the Elvish Town of Sacred Arbor, you won’t be able to understand the language of the town’s people.

To understand the Elvish language you need your pawn to have a Woodland Wordsmith specialization and for this, you need to equip them with Woodland Wordsmith’s Tome.

To get Woodland Wordsmith’s Tome, head to the Kough’s Inn and Increase Affinity With any Elf. You can increase affinity by giving a bunch of flowers to the lady at the Kough’s Inn.

After gifting the flower, the player should Rest in the Inn for a day. On the second day player should gift a bunch of flowers to the lady again.

Repeat the process on the third day again and she will give you the Woodland Wordsmith’s Tome.

To equip the Woodland Wordsmith specialization to your pawn, go to your inventory and use the Woodland Wordsmith’s Tome to switch to the skill of your pawn.

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    I thought you did a great job on this. Although your language is excellent and the picture is enticing, you come across as nervous about what you might be giving next. If you save this walk, I hope you will come back here often.

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