How To Level Up Mastery Rank In The First Descendant

The First Descendent: Increase Mastery Rank

This guide shows how to increase the Mastery Rank in The First Descendent, released on 2nd July 2024. Though it is a very simple process, many players are confused about how to Level up Mastery in the game. If you are one of those players, then you have come to the right place.

You will earn Mastery EXP by completing the quests in the game world, raising weapon proficiency, or leveling up Descendant. Once you have earned enough EXP, Rank Up will be available. But you won’t be able to Rank up in the game world. You will need to go back to Albion to level up Mastery. If you do hit Rank Up while you are out in the open, any EXP you earn beyond that will add up to the next rank. So, you need not necessarily immediately go back to Albion when you hit the Rank Up.

Once you have hit the Rank Up, go to the Prime Hands in the Albion and interact with the terminal as shown in the pictures below. There you will get the option to Rank Up mastery as shown in the third picture below. That’s it. Simple and Easy.

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