How to Make a Fire in Sons Of The Forest

This walkthrough will guide you on how to make Fire in the game Sons Of The Forest. Upon embarking on your new life stranded on the secluded island of Sons of the Forest, it will be essential for you to acquire some basic survival skills, such as starting a fire. Fire serves not only as a means of illuminating the surrounding but also for cooking meals.

How to make a fire in Sons Of The Forest

Creating a fire in Sons of the Forest is a straightforward process requiring just two sticks and a lighter. Lighter should be with you at all times in the game. Sticks can be found anywhere in areas with trees and shrubs, frequently scattered on the ground.

Alternatively, you may use your axe to cut down shrubs and bushes to gather a plentiful supply of sticks, or you can enlist help of Kelvin to collect them for you.

Once you have 2 Sticks, open your inventory and click on a Stick to equip it. You will be presented with two options in the form of small white lines on the ground. The circular option will result in the stick being inserted vertically into the soil, whereas the other option (two sticks marker) involves snapping the stick in half and placing the pieces on the ground.

To make a fire, you have to use two sticks marker option. You can right-click while looking down at the ground to switch between the various actions available. Keep right-clicking until the white dotted marker indicates two small sticks adjacent to each other appear. Next, left-click to snap the stick in half and place them on the ground.

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