How To Make Campfire in Valheim

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A fire/campfire is one of the first things one needs to construct. It can be used to cook, will keep the player warm. Fire is also required along with a bed to be used for sleeping.

A campfire must be added with wood to use and it will stop working if exposed to rain without a roof. Active campfires create smoke if it’s kept inside a building. Proper ventilation like a hole, chimney, etc. is required for indoor fire camp.

How to Build a Campfire

Building a campfire in Valheim is very easy. You need to collect 5 x Stone and 2 x Wood and equip yourself with a hammer.

To craft a hammer you need to collect 3 x Wood and 2 x Stone. Here is the step-by-step guide to craft a hammer. Click

Once you craft/equip with a hammer, right-click (Mouse-2) to open the build menu. Go to the “Misc” tab and select a campfire using the left mouse button. Place the campfire on some flat surfaces like Ground, Flat Stone, etc. by clicking the left mouse button.

Unequipped the hammer if you don’t want to place multiple campfires.

How to make a fire/campfire
How to make campfire

How To Make Indoor Campfire To Sleep

To build your campfire inside your house you need to remove a floor tile using a hammer and build the fire camp on the ground/dirt directly.

In case the house is built on pillars above the ground and the distance between ground and bed is too much, you can raise the ground using a HOE to keep the house warm in such situation.

Guide to make campfire
Remove Floor tiles for campfire
Raise campfire near bed

Here is the step-by-step video guide to make a Indoor Campfire to sleep

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