How to Make a Fruit Cake for Nico | Tower of Fantasy

This guide shows how to cook Fruit Cake for the Well Wishes Side Quest in the Tower of Fantasy game. Tower of Fantasy is an open-world MMORPG Gacha Game that was released worldwide on 11th August 2022.

Well Wishes Quest Starting Location

You get this quest by talking to Niko in Astra Shelter. Niko will give you her mother’s Fruit Cake recipe and will ask you to make it.

How to make Fruit Cake

After you have finished talking to Niko, open your backpack and you will find the Fruit Cake recipe inside. Click “use” on the recipe to learn it. Once you have learned the recipe, go to a cooking station and cook a Fruit Cake.
Fruit Cake: 2 Strawberry, 1 Homi Grain, 1 Fallen Fruit, 1 Poultry Egg
Once you have cooked a fruit Cake, go and talk to Niko to complete the quest.

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