How To Open The Locked Door In Base Zone (Triple Authentication Door) | Honkai Star Rail

While exploring the Herta Space Station in Honkai: Star Rail, you may stumble upon a locked door located in the Base Zone area that requires authentication to gain access. Upon interacting with the controller, it will prompt you to complete the triple authentication verification card. This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide on opening the locked door in the Base Zone of Honkai Star Rail.

Level 1 Authentication Card

The first level of Authentication can be found in the Master Control Zone. The datapad provides a clue indicating that you should search for an unusual man sporting an afro. Interact with this individual five times, and he will provide you with the access card needed to proceed.

Level 2 Authentication Card

To obtain the second access card, teleport to the Storage Zone in the Herta Space Station and approach the controller beside the door leading to the western room. Interact with the controller to unlock access to the room, which contains multiple wubbaboo elevators and the second access card.

The first switch is located down the slope to the left as you enter the room, which will activate the blue bridges.

Proceed along the newly-formed path until you reach a circular platform that contains the next data pad. This will reactivate the red bridges and unveil a new route.

Traverse the reactivated red bridge and continue on the grey bridge to locate the final switch. This will reactivate the blue bridges once more, providing a direct path to the opposite side of the room.

Go up the ramp to find the last access card on the floor by the open doorway.

Level 3 Authentication Card

The third key is available after defeating the first boss in the side quest “Road to Revival“. This side quest is automatically unlocked when Arlan contacts you on your phone before you board the Astral Express.

To start the “Road to Revival” side quest in the Herta Space Station, interact with Arlan in the Master Control Zone. Follow the quest until you receive the objective to “activate the extinguished anchor in the target cabin.” Enter the designated cabin and defeat the boss enemy to obtain the first card.

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