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This article will guide you on how to complete the optional objective “Overload the Reactor” for the mission ‘First Contact‘ in Starfield.

As the ‘First Contact‘ mission unfolds, Oliver Campbell will present you with three choices for addressing the issue involving the mysterious spacecraft in orbit, known as the Earth Colony Ship Constant (ECS). Among these options is the possibility of simply blasting the ECS Contact out of the sky.

Oliver will casually mention that if, by any chance that ship were to vanish from the skies, it would greatly simplify matters for the Paradiso personnel. He also recalls a prior discussion with an engineer concerning the historical tendency of old Earth Colony Ships and their reactors to become volatile and explode if pushed to their limits.

After Oliver presents this idea, a new optional quest marker will appear, guiding you to trigger an overload in Constant’s reactor. Proceed to the Constant’s Engineering bay, and pickpocket Amin’s reactor terminal key.

Then, make your way to the main reactor computer located on the side of the room.

Upon accessing it, a notification will appear, indicating that authorization from a captain is required to exceed the reactor’s safety limits.

Proceed to the Command Bay. When Diana’s attention is diverted from her computer, initiates a hack to permit the reactor override.

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