How to reach and restore the God Tree Shrine in Kena: Bridge of Spirits

This article will show you how to reach and restore the God Tree Shrine. When crossing the Forgotten Forest, you need to clear out the corruption from the Water, Fishing, Woods, and God Tree Shrine. The Forgotten Forest is home to the God Tree Shrine. To get to this area, you must first follow the main story until Rosu tells you to meet him there during the objective ‘Meet Rusu in the Forgotten Forest’. Forgotten Forest is accessed via the gate in Taro’s Tree. Here Rosu will explain to you inside the Forgotten Forest that the Tree Shrines have been corrupted and will assign you the task of restoring them. At this point, each of the four Shrine will be marked on the map.

How to climb the God Tree Shrine

First, make your way around the base of the tree and circle it until you see a Blue Flower. Shoot an arrow at the blue flower to bring you up to the first platform.

From the first platform, climb up multiple ledges above, until you see another Blue Flower on an adjacent tree with a cable car. Shoot an arrow at the blue flower to reach the platform with a cable car.

Use the cable to the car to reach the connected tree (#3). Climb up along the tree’s overhanging ledges to reach another platform at the top with a broken bridge connecting God Tree. Now you’ve reached the top.

How to defeat the God Tree Shrine enemies

Once you’ve reached the corruption, you’ll need to defeat a slew of enemies in order to restore the Shrine and finish Rosu’s task. Along with other enemies, you will face three purple-eyed monkeys who shoot ranged attacks. After you’ve defeated all of the enemies, simply send your Rot to the flower and use your Pulse skill when close to it, or shoot an arrow from a distance to restore the corruption.

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