How to Reach Monstro Town | Land’s End Guide | Super Mario RPG

This step-by-step guide will show you How to Reach Monstro Town through Land’s End in Super Mario RPG (2023).

Start from Land’s End, enter the cannon, and fire yourself upward to go up the cliff. Again enter the cannon to fire yourself upward. Skip the hole and continue forward to head to the next area.

In the next area, you’ll come across some Geckits. Jump back and forth between platforms to get across until you reach the next area.

In the next new area, you’ll see some spinning flowers. Stand on them and jump up to climb the cliff.

You’ll see a cloaked figure offering a challenge, skip it. Jump on the platforms to cross the area. Don’t use the cannon; instead, go to the right and drop down from the cliff.

Now, you’ll go into a desert where you’ll meet a mouse. The mouse will instruct you to find a whirlpool where an ant appears and then follow it. Go into the first whirlpool because you won’t find any ants there.

In the second room, search for the ant and go into the whirlpool it was in. Repeat this in the third and fourth rooms. The whirlpools will move faster, so be careful. Keep going into the whirlpool until you reach an underground area.

Run past as many Geckits as you can to move forward to the next dungeon called Belome Temple.

In Belome Temple, don’t pay attention to the cloaked figure in the first room. Go to the next room to meet another cloaked figure who wants to tell you your fortune.

Give the Fortune Teller 50 coins to learn about your fortune, and this lets you hit the three heads in any order. Once you’ve heard your fortune, jump up and go through the pipe in the next room.

Beat the enemies to open the gate and move to the next room.

In there, locate a switch and give it a hit. If the dropped scroll says, “Sorry, I’m not accepting visitors past my bedtime,” exit the room, return, and try again for an easier time. If it says, “Mmm, I’m so hungry! Wish I had something to eat!” you’re good to go. Jump on the platform and then go down the pipe in front of you.

You’ve now reached Monstro Town.

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