How to Reach Sacrament in No Rest For The Wicked (2024)

This article will guide you step-by-step on how to reach Sacrament in the game No Rest For The Wicked, which was released on April 18, 2024

After the end of the Prologue, the player should find themselves on the shores of Isola Sacra. Speak with the dying Ship captain Talvic (NPC) on the shore to start the first main quest – Sacrament.

Step 1: Get the Mess Hall Key

As the quest starts, follow the path on the left of Captain Talvic (NPC) until you reach a giant sealed gate. Refer to the map attached below.

Go south from the sealed gate to find a door leading to a wooden balcony. Enter inside to a corpse holding the Mess Hall Key.

Step 2: Save the Blacksmith and get a “Gate Lever Handle”

After the player picks up the Mess Hall Key, return to the main room where they will hear Risen beating on the Blacksmith.

Quickly backtrack your steps and enter another door on the southern side. Defeat the Risen to save Blacksmith. Speak with the Blacksmith named Fillmore (NPC) and he’ll give the player a Gate Lever handle.

Step 3: Use the “Gate Lever Handle” to open the Sealed Gate

Head back into the main room and head up the stairs.

Then follow the path to the right to find a lever. Use the “Gate lever Handle ” to open the Sealed gate.

Step 4: Reach the Orban Glades

Go through the newly open path to reach the raised bridge. Look to your left to find an elevator near a torch. Use the elevator to reach the upper level.

Go up the ramp on the left and follow the linear path. Jump across the gap and then jump down to find two friendly people near a campfire. Just ignore them and go to your left to drop the raised wooden bridge.

Step 5: Defeat the Boss

Follow the path on your right to reach the first Boss and defeat it.

Then continue further to reach a stone bridge where you will see a cutscene of a raised bridge coming down onto the stone bridge to reach Sacrament.

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