How to Reach Second Shrine | The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, once you have finished the Ukouh Shrine and mastered the Ultrahand ability, Rauru will give you instructions to find and mark the next Shrine on the map using your Scope. The second Shrine is in the south direction across the big lake.

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How to Find the Second Shrine on Great Sky Island

Go to the floating island located southeast of the first shrine having rail with platforms and hooks.

Use Ultrahand ability to combine these into a wooden board and hook to make a makeshift cable car. Place the makeshift cablecar on the rail, and climb on it to slide down to the other side.

Head southwest to find a broken bridge. Here you must join 3 wooden logs into a long log. Then place the log over the broken bridge to cross it.

Continue traveling south after crossing the bridge until you get to a waterfall. Drop down near the waterfall. The next step is to construct a temporary boat by horizontally joining at least two trunks and placing a vertical sail in the center.

Carefully place the boat on the shore and jump onto the boat before the wind pushes it away. Just stand on the boat across the lake.

On the island go up the stairs to find the shrine.

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