How to Rebuild the Golden Aqueducts: Part II in Genshin Impact

This article will guide you on how to complete the Golden Aqueduct Reconstruction Part II quest in Genshin Impact 4.6. It is the second part of the two-part objective under the Gradus ad Capitolium Quest in Genshin Impact 4.6. 

Search for the scattered “scores”

To enter “Domus Aurea”, the player must rebuild the ancient golden aqueducts by finding the required score. The score is located at Collegium Phonascorum as marked on the map, near the broken stairs.

Proceed towards the mural or Scylla. Interact with the device to change the angles of the horn to align with the image of the mural.

Return the flying birds phantasms to their rightful places

Once the horn is aligned with the mural, five (5) Phantasms birds should appear.

Now go toward these 5 Phantasms birds and follow to guide them towards their correct positions. Once a bird is correctly placed in the mural, their trail of light goes away. Some birds will not move until you remove slimes near them.

Use the light-guiding device to illuminate the horn

After placing the birds correctly, interact with the device to change the angles of the horn along with 5 Phantasms birds to align with the image of the mural correctly.

Follow the bird phantasms

After aligning correctly, all five birds will fly away from the mural. Follow them once more to start a cut scene and then end the quest.

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