How to Return to Jarnsmida Pitmines | God of War Ragnarok

This guide will show you “Jarnsmida Pitmines” in the game God of War Ragnarok. The Applecore and Jarnsmida Pitmines are located in Svartalfheim’s western region. These places were first visited during the story mission The Quest for Tyr, but you couldn’t fully explore them at the time. It is difficult to return to The Applecore and Jarnsmida Pitmines since Mystic Gateways were not enabled on the previous visit. They can only be unlocked on a second visit.

Step 1

Return to The Applecore. Also Read: How to Return to The Applecore

Step 2: How to Reach Jarnsmida Pitmines

From the Mystic Gateway of The Applecore walk down the path on the left (or use the Zipline) until you see the wind coming out of a wall on the right. Use a spear at the wind in the wall to climb up.

Head to the left and climb down on the left.

Use a spear at the wind in the wall to climb up.

Continue ahead in the linear path until you see a glowing boulder. Use your spear to blow up the boulder. Head behind it to find the Artifact on the floor (purple color).

Follow the path behind the Artifact. Use the grappling point to swing across. Climb down a golden chain in the next room, then crouch through the tunnel to reach a room with a giant door. Open the and look on the right side to find the Raven.

Continue on the path to the right of the raven.

Open the iron gate and go to the left ( don’t drop down from the ledge)

Swing across using the grappling point.

Take the circular route on the right.

Then drop to the bridge on the right.

Continue to go straight on the bridge to find golden ore blocking the path as shown in image.

Throw a spear at the red explosive vase behind the rubble at the top to blow up the ruins.

Squeeze beneath a gap (below the bridge) to enter the next area.  Swing across the blue river using the grappling point on the left.

Climb up and exit via the large gate on the left.

Climb up the small platform to the left on the other side of the gate to find a purple-glowing artefact.

Throw a spear at the wind in the wooden beams to the right of the Artifact and climb up. On the left is a Yggdrasil Rift and Nornir chest.

Here is another Applecore Mystic Gateway. Exit the region via the large gate next to the Mystic Gateway.

Crouch under the hole on the left wall to reach a tunnel.

Continue along the linear path until you reach the light at the end of the tunnel. Exit the tunnel to reach Jarnsmida Pitmines

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