How to Reveal the Map in Tower of Fantasy

This guide shows how to unlock an unblurred map for any particular region in the game Tower of Fantasy, launched on 11th August 2022. Initially, when you open the map menu, you will see only a small portion of the entire map name Astra.

Unlock the Tower of Fantasy map

Follow the main mission objective. In the main mission, you will be tasked with going to the Omnium Tower and talking to the Scrapper bot at the top of it. The Omnium Tower icon looks like a crescent moon with a yellow circle inside and a small pillar at the bottom. To reveal the area’s whole topography, climb to the top of the Omnium Tower and engage with the robot.

Each of the five regions has an Omnium Tower that needs to be deactivated. To access other areas of the wider Aesperia map, simply reach the peak of the other four Omnium Towers and talk to the bot at the top of them. This will reveal everything in the region you are in. Below is the map of all the Omnium Tower locations.

Aesperia’s Omnium Towers:
1. Astra Omnium Tower
2. Banges Omnium Tower
3. Navia Omnium Tower
4. Warren Omnium Tower
5. Crown Omnium Tower

If you are wondering what you will see after unlocking the map, then here is the list:

# Strongholds
# Ruins
# World bosses
# Some sights.

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