How To Slay Barrel Felyne: Barrel Break Out Subquest | Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin

Subquests are optional missions that you get by talking to NPCs in Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin. People in need will ask you for help in form of Subquests. these are a great way to earn extra items, experience points, and zenny. You get the ‘Barrel Break Out’ subquest at a later stage in the game after you have reached Felyne Shelter in Lamure.

Barrel Break Out Subquest

You get the ‘Barrel Break Out’ subquest by talking to ‘Purrnest Felyne’ at the western portion of Felyne Shelter at the location as shown in the picture below. Purrnest Felyne will tell you that on his way to the Felyne Shelter he saw Felyne with their head stuck in a barrel and he will ask you to help a Felyne get its head out of the Barrel. Check the video at the bottom of the page for a video walkthrough.

Quest Giver: Purrnest Felyne
Objective: Slay Barrel Felyne
Quest Description: I came across a Felyne with their head stuck in a barrel on the way here. I tried to lend a paw, but I couldn’t help. Maybe you can help before that cask becomes their casket?
Target: 1 Barrel Felyne


You will get the following rewards on completing ‘Barrel Break Out’ quest:
6000 Zenny
310 Exp points
3 Training Charm: A charm that increases the amount of EXP gained in a battle by 10% for 30 minutes. Offer to the prayer pot.

Barrel felyne Location

You will find Barrel Felyne in the Pomore Garden at the location as shown in the picture below. The Barrel Felyne is very small in size and can be very easy to miss.

How to defeat Barrel felyne

Barrel Felyne has a very high defense and could be extremely difficult to beat and if you are unable to beat it in the first few rounds it will run away. While using a power attack, the fight lasts only for a single round, whereas the fight lasts for four rounds while using a technical attack.

Your weapon as well as your monster will do very little damage to the Barrel Felyne with the normal attacks. One option to defeat Barrel Felyne is to use a high damage item or your monster’s special attack. The best option that I found is to use a Big Barrel Bomb, which will defeat the Barrel Felyne in just one attack and you will get an ‘S’ rank and receive 1500 EXP, 3 Pawprint Stamp, 2 Large Barrels, and a Lucky Charm as a reward.

Once you have defeated a Barrel Felyne, go back to the Felyne Shelter and report to Purrnest Felyne to complete the subquest and receive the reward.

Video Walkthrough

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