How to Solve Door Puzzle in Chapter 11 – Dancing in Red (Lust from Beyond)

Chapter 11 Closing Door Puzzle: Lust from Beyond

This walkthrough of the game puzzle “Lust from Beyond” and will guide you through all the steps required to solve the Closing Door Puzzle in Chapter 11 Dancing in the Red of Lust from Beyond.

Objective: Reach the Chamber of Change

Once you come out of the tunnel, Victor needs to open a Main Gate by Solving the Gate Puzzle.

Gate Puzzle:

  1. Use the lever to open the Main Gate. But it closes as Victor approaches it.
  2. Collect the circular ball (Gem) right of the Main Gate, and use it to open another gate (secondary gate) on the left side of the lever.
  3. Now use the level to open the Main Gate and wait for it to open completely.
  4. Now, you need to follow a defined path starting from the lever to the Main Gate so that it doesn’t get closed. From the lever, move left and go inside the second gate (which you opened using the gem), continue walking, and take 2nd left. That will land Victor directly in front of the Main Gate, and he can enter inside now.

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