How to Solve the Box Puzzle and get the key in Chapter 2 Victor Holloway: Lust from Beyond

This Lust from beyond walkthrough will show you how to get wine, guitar, and rose petals during the objective “Prepare a romantic evening” in chapter 2 ( Victor Holloway).

These items are inside the locked storeroom. To unlock the storeroom you need to find the key which is stashed inside a Japanese box inside the living room. You have to solve the puzzle to unlock the box. The puzzle’s hint is kept in the closet below the box.

HINT: To open the box you must summon the three creatures depicted – Centaur (man + horse), Mermaid (woman + fish), and Dragon. Note the color of the Centaur (green), Mermaid (blue), and Dragon (red).

How to solve the Box puzzle:

  1. There are five images on the box: man, horse, woman, fish, and dragon.
  2. There are four rotatable circles. Rotate these circles to move the images to their desired positions as described below:
    1. Man & horse must be on the two green slots.
    2. Woman & fish must be on the two blue slots.
    3. The dragon must be on the red slot.

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