How to Unlock Bunny | The First Descendant

The First Descendant: How to Unlock Bunny

This guide shows how to unlock Bunny in The First Descendent, released on 2nd July 2024.

Step 1: Talk to Bunny

Progress in the main story and soon you will reach Kingston. In Kingston, you will have to dew a few of Marcus’s quests until the western part of the map unlocks. Now go to The Fallen Theater and talk to Bunny there as shown in the pictures below. This will start Bunny’s quest.

Step 3: Get three materials for the Bunny Suit

For Bunny’s quest, you will have to complete three quests to get three materials. The location of the quests is marked in the second picture below. You need to complete the first two quests to unlock the third quest. You will get the items automatically after you complete these quests.
Quest: Vulgus Field Generator –> Bunny Stabilizer,
Quest: Magister Lab –> Bunny Enhanced Cell,
Quest: Vulgus Data Transmitter –> Bunny Spiral Catalyst

Step 4: Get the fourth Material from Grave Walker

Go back to Albion and talk to Alpha. Do his quests (Conflicting Opinions & Differences in Opinion). Now head back to Kingston and do the three main quests there. Then talk to Bunny again at the location shown in the picture below and do her quest (Slumber Valley).

After completing the Slumber Valley quest, go back to Albion and talk to Guide and Seneca. After completing the dialogues, pull up the map and go to the Void Interceptor Battle as shown in the picture below. Then fight Grave Walker. After the boss fight, collect your loot. You will get three options to choose from as shown in the second picture below. Select the Bunny Code material.

Step 5: Unlock Bunny

Go to Anais in Albion as shown in the picture below. Now simply talk to her and craft Bunny for 400,00 Golds.

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