How to unlock Facet of Generosity in Destiny 2

  • Post published:June 9, 2024
  • Post category:Destiny 2

This article will guide you on how to unlock the Facet of Generosity in Destiny 2. The Generosity facet is one facet used to unlock the Prismatic subclass in Destiny 2. 

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For this Facet of Dominance fragment, the player needs to acquire 5 Memory Vestige: Light. However, to get the Light Memory Vestiges, you need to progress through all the Micah 10 post-campaign quests until you start unlocking the Cyst missions on the map.

Every Cyst mission should have enough enemies to kill to get all five Memory Vestige: Light pieces. Below is the image of the “Sword Dance” cyst mission.

Note: Five Memory Vestige: Light pieces can give you three items: Memory Refractions of LightMemory Seclusions of Light, or Memory Blooming of Light. All these legendary items give you one Facet.

Once you collect five of the 5 ” Memory Vestige: Light“, they automatically convert into a legendary Memory Blooming of Light item.

Memory Blooming of Light points to a specific spot on the map. Refer to the location below.

Once you’re at the marked location, go to the location to collect the Facet of Generosity.

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