How to Unlock Fast Travel: FLY Hidden Move | Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl (BDSP)

In Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl (BDSP), players can make use of hidden moves in their venture to fill their Pokédex and fully explore the region of Sinnoh. One such Hidden Move is “FLY“. However, if you don’t get it, it’ll make navigation around the map in the late game very difficult indeed. ‘FLY’ is basically the Fast Travel option of the game. FLY in the Hidden Moves app allows you to travel instantly to towns you have visited before. This guide shows how to unlock the ‘Fly’ Hidden Move in the game.

How to Get FLY Hidden Move

To get the ‘Fly’ Hidden move, first, you need to defeat Veilstone City Gym leader and get the Cobble Badge. Click here to see how to solve the Veilstone City Gym Puzzle.

After you come out from the gym, you will run into Dawn. Dawn will ask you for some help to fight against Team Galactic to get her Pokedex back.

Go to the northeast portion of Veilstone City, where you will find Galactic Warehouse as shown in the picture below. Defeat the two Team galactic blocking the path to the warehouse. Defeating them will get Dawn her Pokedex back. This will also clear the path to the warehouse. Now proceed and enter the Galactic Warehouse.

Inside the warehouse, you will see TM94 on the ground right in front of you. You will get the ‘FLY’ hidden move from TM94. However, you will need to teach it to a Flying Pokemon. Once you have ‘FLY’, simply open the map and click on any previously visited place to fast travel there.

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