How To Unlock Fragment Of Childhood Dreams Domain in Genshin Impact

This guide shows how to unlock the underwater domain – The Jungle of Inverted Dreams in the Sumeru region of Genshin Impact 3.0. Sumeru region was introduced in the Genshin Impact 3.0 update, which was released on 24th August 2022. This underwater domain is located north of Vissudha field.

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Go to the Statue of Seven marked on the map below. This Statue of Seven is located north of the underwater domain. From the Statue of Seven, head west and glide down to a waterfall. You will find a cave mouth at the top point of the waterfall. 

Defeat both the Ruin Defender guarding the cave entrance and then start the cube mechanism to lower the water level of the waterfall.

Next, head inside the cave and continue to follow the path until you reach a bigger area. Inside you need to activate four Dendro Elemental Monuments. You need to use a Dendro character such as Collie or Tighnari or Traveler to light up these Elemental Monuments.

There are four Dendro Elemental Monuments that you need to activate

#1 Dendro Elemental Monument

It is on the left inside a small room. 

#2 Dendro Elemental Monument

This one is behind the preceding room on the left. Enter the area through the opening near the ceiling.

#3 Dendro Elemental Monument

Glide to the middle section, as indicated in the image below. Hit the rock to clear the roots and activate the Dendrograna. You can use it to summon Dendrograna.

First, summon Dendrograna and then activate the third Dendro Elemental Monument concealed beneath a root-wrapped rock.

#4 Dendro Elemental Monument

This Dendro Elemental Monument is also concealed beneath a root-wrapped rock. To clear the passage to the Monument, hit the rock near the dendrograna.

Now, summon Dendrograna and then strike the rock to reveal the Dendro Elemental Monument. Finally, press Elemental Monument one more to activate it.

When all four Dendro Elemental Monuments have been activated, proceed to the cube mechanism and interact with it to start. This will drain the water completely.

Underwater domain – Fragment of Childhood Dreams

Now, to reach the domain drop-down to the bottom and defeat all the enemies.

Head right and activate the mechanism to open the door. Head inside and use the Four-Leaf Sigils near the ceiling to climb up.

Defeat all the enemies you encounter and continue to follow the path until the path ends. Glide down to find the domain. Now your next task is to trigger the domain.

First, summon dendrograna from the nearby mechanism and then hit the corrupted Four-Leaf Sigil as shown in the image. This will split the Four-Leaf Sigil.

Wait for the other floating Four-Leaf Sigil to stop and then it again. This will activate the domain Jungle of Inverted Dreams

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