How To Upgrade The Specter Gauntlet In Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores

This article will guide you on how To upgrade The Specter Gauntlet in Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores DLC. The newest DLC for Horizon Forbidden West provides an opportunity to discover new regions unlock new weapons and find new machines. You can also pick up various gear – Specter Gauntlet is one such item.

How To Get and Upgrade The Specter Gauntlet

The Specter Gauntlet is a powerful weapon that can fire homing projectiles at the designated target. To obtain this weapon, initiate the main quest “To The Burning Shores” and carry it out until you reach the mission named “The Stars in Their Eyes“. In this quest, you will be required to inspect a weapon. Once you have finished analyzing it, you will be rewarded with the Specter Gauntlet.

How To Upgrade The Specter Gauntlet

To upgrade the Spectre Gauntlet, you must first locate the Railgun Component. Start the “In His Wake” side quest.

Follow the quest line until you reach the objective of looting Pirik’s weapon. Here you have to pick up a Railgun Component from the corpse.

After you have obtained the Railgun Component, proceed to any workshop to upgrade the Spectre Gauntlet. Select the Quest Item option, then craft the upgrade for the gauntlet. This upgrade equips the gauntlet with a railgun component (shocker), allowing you to fire piercing charged shots at foes.

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