How to use Messmer’s Kindling Guide in Elden Ring DLC

This article guides how to use Messmer’s Kindling in the game Elden Ring – Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC, released on 21st June 2024.

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The item description of Messmer’s Kindling states that it has the power to burn the Sealing Tree found within the Old Rauh ruins. To use Messmer’s Kindling, you can continue progressing through the story until you defeat Romina, Saint of the Bud. This unmissable boss in Shadow of the Erdtree is located at the Church of the Bud.

Follow the below steps to reach the Church of the Bud. I’ll start from the Storehouse First Floor Site of Grace.

1) Reach the West Rampart Site of Grace

From the Storehouse First Floor Site of Grace, head left and take the elevator down.

Upon exiting the elevator, turn right, then left, and go down the steps.

Navigate through the room where giant pots attempt to attack you.

Go down the stairs again and exit the building to arrive at the West Rampart Site of Grace.

2) Reach Viaduct Minor Tower

This path is quite straightforward. Follow the pathway along the Rampart, and after entering the structure, turn right and go upstairs.

Take the elevator to reach the Viaduct Minor Tower.

3) Reach Rauh Ancient Ruins East

Next, the player needs to travel to Rauh Ancient Ruins East.

Exit the building and follow the path west, keeping to the right side.

Enter the building near two braziers.

Follow the path lit by the braziers until you see a giant door slightly open.

Instead of going through it, turn left and jump down to the lower level near the giant braziers.

Go through the slightly open giant door to the southwest.

Proceed ahead and jump down again to the lower floor.

Continue northwest and take a left turn to exit the building.

Follow the linear path to reach the Site of Grace.

4) Reach Rauh Ancient Ruins West

The next target is to reach Rauh Ancient Ruins West Site of Grace.

Proceed in the west direction along the bridge.

Then go up the stairs.

Go to the other side of the waterfall to reach the site of Grace.

5) Reach Church of Bud Main Entrance

Next, the goal is to reach Church of Bud Main Entrance

Proceed southwest and enter the building. Go up the stairs to reach a large hall.

Keep yourself along the left wall and then take the left to reach the elevator.

Proceed in the north direction along the mountain wall and enter the cave. Follow the path to reach the site of Grace.

6) Defeat Romina Saint of the Bud Boss

Proceed southwest and cross the yellow fog at the entrance to go inside. There, fight the boss, Romina, Saint of the Bud. This unmissable boss in Shadow of the Erdtree is located at the Church of the Bud.

Defeat her to receive Remembrance of the Saint of the Bud.

7) POINT OF NO RETURN – Use Messmer’s Kindling on Sealing Tree

Alert: Keep in mind that after using “Messmer’s Kindling” there is no point returning in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree. It will lock you out of all NPC questlines.

Now is the time to use Messmer’s Kindling on Sealing Tree. Exit the arena from the south gate and proceed toward the Sealing Tree. You can use the Messmer’s Kindling to burn the Sealing Tree. Interact with the tree to burn it.

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