How to use Workbench – Build, Cover and Make Roof in Valheim

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The workbench is used for crafting, upgrading, repairing items broken tools, and allow the construction of various buildings. Building a workbench in Valheim is very easy. You need to collect 10 x Wood and equip yourself with a hammer.

To craft a hammer you need to collect 3 x Wood and 2 x Stone. Hammer Guide

How to Build a Workbench in Valheim

Once you craft/equip with a hammer, right-click (Mouse-2) to open the build menu. Go to the crafting tab and select workbench. Place the workbench on some flat surface.

Note: A workbench (or crafting station) is unusable unless it’s surrounded by a wall on three sides and cover with a roof.

How to cover a Workbench in Valheim

To make a workbench workable you need to place a wall on three sides and cover it will roof tiles.

Here is an easy and simple method to cover a workbench:

  • Place 4 Wood Wall tiles around the back and sides of the workbench as shown in the below figures.
  • Place two 45° Wood Wall above two sides wall pointing up.
  • Place Thatched Roof 26° (or 45°)

 Here is the step-by-step video guide to use and cover a Workbench

Step 1: 4 Wood Wall Tiles on 3 sides

Step 2: Two 45° Wood Wall tiles

Step 3:  45° Thatched Roof Tiles

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